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Fall Session Information
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October - December Happenings at MSI


6th -31st Vocal Ensemble Auditions for Ages 6 -18 ( Register -below)


7th - Free Enrolled Parent- Piano Class at 7:15 pm to 8:00 pm  SIGN-UP HERE

7th - 21st - 20 minutes: Parents Conference with School Director about your student progress  SCHEDULE HERE

20th -25th - Thanksgiving Break (No Classes)

27th -30th - Tuition Payment Due (Half and 9 weeks Payments available)


1st - Vocal and Private Students Recital at MSI @ 6:30 pm

4th - 9th - Progress Reports

5th - MSI Vocal Department will be performing at the Peachtree City Shopping at the Avenue at 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm 

11th - 16th Class Recitals and Parties during regular classes

17th - 31 - Jan 1 - 6 - Semester Break (Camps will be provided)

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“Motif” Vocal Ensemble

Ages 6 – 10    60 Minutes (Weekly)  Mondays 4:30 pm – 5:30 pm OR Thursdays 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm

Do you want your child to sing and express themselves?

“Motif”  is the ensemble for them. Our vocal students learn the basics of vocal care, solfege, breath control, tone manipulation, pitch and rhythmic accuracy, listening skills, projection, and performance technique.  In “Motif”, they will learn to sing fun and diverse music in an engaging setting, and develop confidence as they perform.  5 Classes  and 2 performance $150

Audition Songs #1: Over the Rainbow (Click here to prepare)

Audition Song #2: My Favorite Things (Click here to prepare)

Audition Lyrics (click here)



“Appassionato” Vocal Ensemble

Ages 11 – 15   60 Minutes (Weekly) Tuesdays 4:30 pm – 5:30 pm OR Wednesdays 5:45 pm – 6:45 pm

We give young people an avenue to passionately express themselves through music. 

“Appassionato” Vocal Ensemble students develop their vocal technique and musicianship through rehearsal and performance of Pop Music.  In this class, they will focus on theory, rhythm, groove, solfege, breath control, tone, pitch, harmonic singing, listening skills, projection, and performance technique. Students will enjoy making connections between today’s contemporary music and popular music of the past.  5 Classes and 2 performance $150

*Please prepare each song for your audition and select which version or key that best fits your voice.

Audition Song #1: Stand By Me (in A major) or  Stand by Me (in E major)

Audition Song #2: Fix You (in Eb Major) or Fix You (in Bb Major)

Audition Lyrics (click here)


"Jazz" Vocal Ensemble   Mondays 7:00 pm - 7:45 pm and Thursdays 6:30 pm - 7:15 pm

Ages 16 -17

Students will build their confidence as they strengthen musical knowledge and progress in their vocal skills. In a committed and fun musical atmosphere, students will develop their vocal technique and musicianship by learning and performing a variety of Jazz songs.  5 Classes  and 2 performance $150

*Please prepare each song for your audition and select which version or key that best fits your voice.

Audition Songs #1: Fly Me to the Moon (in C major) or  Fly Me to the Moon (in G major)

Audition Songs #2: Autumn Leaves (in E minor) or  Autumn Leaves (in B Minor)

Audition Lyrics (click here)

AUDITION CRITERIA: (Please note that we do not expect perfection but, rather, we are trying to access whether your student has the basic abilities required to be successful in this class.)  
What we will be evaluating in each audition is:
  • Stage presence- How do they present themselves on stage?
  • Pitch- Are they singing the correct pitches?
  • Rhythm- Are they singing the correct rhythms?
  • Intonation- Are their notes in tune?
  • Tone- Is the sound of their voice pleasing?
  • Style-appropriate diction- Can we understand their words?
  • Groove/feel- Do they have a good sense of how the song is supposed to feel?
  • Physical Expression- Are their facial expressions and body movements expressive of the song’s emotions?
  • Vocal Expression- Are they able to convey the meaning of the song, through the sound of their voice?
  • Professionalism- Do they carry themselves well and speak with professionalism?
  • Harmony- Are they able to sing one pitch while another pitch is being sung?
  • Listening Skills (for students ages 11 and older ONLY)- Are they able to listen to a set of pitches and repeat them back?
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